Who We Are


Who We Are

Soter Global Ministries believes:

  • We are created by God to LOVE and SERVE Him with all of our heart mind, and soul.
  • Jesus Christ is the SON of GOD, came to earth to live, die, and be resurrected in order to reconcile ALL of creation to the creator.
  • The Holy Bible is God's INFALLABLE spoken word, useful in all manners of teaching, correction, and rebuking.
  • We are to IMITATE and FOLLOW Christ, and in doing so, love our neighbor as ourselves, and share the Gospel in both WORD and DEED.



  • We are a "DEVELOPMENT" organization. Our desire is to create and build lasting health-care delivery systems that are both sustainable and reproducible.
  • We seek to partner and coordinate our efforts with local churches, organizations, government agencies, and other ministries operating within our current area of focus. In doing so, we will develop pre-hospital and hospital care systems that place emphasis on training and educating local providers and placing them in leadership roles for healthcare delivery.
  • Through this approach we have a vision of bringing together the key areas of healthcare, pastoral development, and business leadership to expand the discipleship of Christ into developing countries.




Provided medical care in Albania through primary care clinics in baby nurseries, orphanages, and schools

Provided medical care in Romania through primary care clinics in orphanages and schools

Taught basic hygeine and self-care techniques to orphans and elderly in Kherson, Ukraine. Visited classrooms to provide education to youth and adolescents regarding human trafficking. Provided medical care through primary care clinic in a large state orphanage.

Taught physicians in Albania basic and advanced life support skills in rigorous 3 day seminar. Visited a shelter for human trafficking victims and provided basic first aid instruction. Formulated strategic partnership with Swiss Foundation International(SFI) for future advanced medical courses for physicians, nurses, and technicians.

Joint educational seminar with SFI. Conducted American Heart Association instructor courses in advanced cardiac life support(ACLS) for Albanian doctors and nurses. Conducted basic fire/rescue training seminars for local rescue personnel.

SPRING--Multi-tier training conference for physicians, nurses, technicians, and fire/rescue personnel. Training provided in basic and advanced airway didactic lectures, basic and advanced airway skills labs, hazard/scene safety, extraction/rescue tecniques, and spine immobilization skills lab.

FALL--rescue training for fire/rescue personnel in Albania. Multi national meetings in Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Albania for partnership building and strategy development regarding international transportation of medical supplies and/or patients.

SPRING --US visit by Swiss Foundation for Innovation (SFI) group to tour US hospitals and firestations in the Dallas area. The team enjoyed networking, fellowship, and team-building, followed by the SGM annual board meeting and retreat in Dallas.

FALL --Multi-tiered training by the medical group and fire/rescue group. While the nurses and doctors were training in life saving techniques including advanced airway management, intravenous cannulation, fluid resuscitation, and advanced trauma life support, the fire/rescue group was honing key skills such as c-spine stabilization, vehicular extrication, cribbing support, accident scene management, and communications coordination with air medical transport services. The week of training culminated with a multiple casualty accident scene involving vehicle entrapment, on-scene patient resuscitation, ground ambulance transport, and air ambulance transport. Visiting for the demonstration were both the Albanian Minister of Health and Albanian Minister of Defense.

SPRING --Annual Soter Retreat and Board meeting, Dallas, TX.

FALL --Fire rescue group focused training on technical rope rescue with members of the Albanian fire rescue crews.  This group also met with local and national leaders in the firefighting departments within Tirana and gained insight to ongoing needs in urban and rural settings.  The medical group continued training with nurses and doctors in development of ground and air medical response teams, focusing on trauma management.  Soter also had meetings with a number of entities to set the stage for future strategies within Albania, including ABC Clinic, Mother Theresa Children's Hospital Directors, Albania Ministry of Health, Albania National Trauma Director, Albania Primary Care Director, and directors of USAID at the US Embassy in Tirana.

SPRING --Annual Soter Retreat and Board Meeting, Dallas, TX.  Alan Romania, Director of Rescue Management, deployed to Albania for a 6 week full paramedic course for the ground and air emergency medical transport crews.  He will be joined by various members of Soter for instructional topics during the 6 week course.

FALL --Planned multi-tiered training in Albania in both medical and rescue fields.  Medical training to include more in-depth physician training in the fields of pediatrics, intensive care, emergency medicine, and anesthesiology.


SPRING--Soter traveled for first time to Bogota, Columbia to explore opportunities in medical development in this important South American city.

FALL--Soter sent a team to the mountains of Nepal, in partnership with Mountain Child, to observe the important humanitarian work being done through education, development, human trafficking work and more.  Future avenues for Soter Global's expertise were explored.


Continuing operations with our partners in Colombia, training fire-rescue personnel


SPRING—Development operation the rural Colombian region Piendamo, working with small subsistence community to help with construction of a clinic and additions to the school house, as well as strengthening ties with the community church.

FALL—Soter operation working with south Bogota firefighters to refine search and rescue as well as fire fighting techniques.